Geeks That Rock - 732-759-0555 -Technology support for business and home.

Phillip Proctor
Owner & Lead Technician

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Geeks That Rock - 732-759-0555 -Technology support for business and home.

Geeks That Rock - 732-759-0555 -Technology support for business and home.

As a small business owner, you and your business are dependent on your computer, your technology, and your ability to communicate with your customers and your employees.  As a home owner, you are using technology more and more to manage finances, implement home security, and communicate with family and friends. 

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An Information Support Specialist and Senior Grade Technician, Phillip Proctor provides top-level technology support to small businesses and home owners including full diagnostic services, remote support, camera security installation and maintenance, and computer/laptop and tablet virus protection and hardware repair.


"It's nice to find a company that still believes in taking the time to do the job right. I had a compound problem of a nasty computer virus coupled with a wonky external hard drive. Phil spent a lot of time saving as much as could be saved from the external hard drive, got my regular hard drive running faster than it has in years, and replaced the wonky external drive. Spent a lot of time setting stuff back up at the house, too. A lot of guys wouldn't have even bothered to touch it, and would have recommended buying a new computer. Very happy with the service. I would definitely recommend him."  MDragonfly

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